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Set plan and models, stage-manager's script, programme, photograps and tape recording.
ID: 1974.020
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Stromness volunteer artillery uniforms.
ID: 1974.021

Instruments for scraping limpets from rocks and crevices.

ID: 1974.022

Instruments for scraping limpets from rock and crevices.

ID: 1974.023
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Wooden scythe-rake.
ID: 1974.024
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Photocopy of a 19th century map of Cromarty of Firth.
ID: 1974.025
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Brass pressure gauge from scuttled German warship. German Fleet.
ID: 1974.026
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Chart of Scapa Flow salvaged from German torpedoboat G38, scuttled in Scapa Flow in the 1st World War. German Fleet.
ID: 1974.027
Brass information plate from the engine room of the SMS Konig. "Daimler-Motoren-Gesellsehaft. Berlin- Marienfelde. No D5015 Type RS16236. P.Se 97 Touren 560 1913.
ID: 1974.028
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Photo of German fleet in Scapa Flow, framed.
ID: 1974.029