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One 'Scottish Almanac for 1836' Oliver and Boyd.
ID: 1976.056
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Bodelet 'Orcadian Rhymes or Verses from the Far North' 1864 Dedicated to Earl of Caithness. No Author's name.
ID: 1976.057
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Photo - Tiller with carved Greyhound's head, connected with Pirate Gow. Now at Midgarth (Cooper), Stronsay.
ID: 1976.058
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Postcard 'The South Wall's boat's crew awarded silver medals and vellum certificate National Lifeboat institution for heroic rescue of survivors of crew of S. S. Dinnington wrecked on Switha, Orkney.
ID: 1976.059
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Card 'Merchant Seamen's Fund\ Port of Montrose\ Pension' (Granted for Christian Anderson Spence, Widow of James Spence, Shipmaster of Seven Pounds. 1st November 1850.
ID: 1976.060
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Board of trade Form U, signed 22\12\1927, S. S. Otranto, H. G. Staunton, master, Voyage from London to Australia.
ID: 1976.061
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Plan of curing station at Ness, Stromness, 1894 - blue ink on linen paper.
ID: 1976.062
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Plan of Curing Stations at Ness, Stromness - Black and red ink, with names of curers. No date.
ID: 1976.063
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Photocopy of plan of Ness, Stromnes (in pink), 3 February 1917, civil engineer, H. M. Naval Works, Stromness. BB288.
ID: 1976.064

Part of deer antler and part of deer skull, found in the 'Loons' by donor which draining in 1976.

ID: 1976.065