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Stromness lodge merchantile marine, no 453. Grand bazaar, 1st and 2nd of September 1903.
ID: 1976.053.10
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Holiday advert for Stromness 'Weekly Scotsman' 8 June 1910, Edinburgh.
ID: 1976.053.11
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Advert, blue ink on white paper, illustration 'The Tea Plant', 'James Drever, general merchant Stromness.'.
ID: 1976.053.12
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Small calendar, 1907 - Illustr. colour - print of bull's head ' A Highland Chief'. S. Baikie, merchant, Stromness.
ID: 1976.053.13
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Wrapper 'Orcadian Rock' - tartan, with blue print of Old Man of Hoy.
ID: 1976.053.14
White paper bag, or 'shop poke' for James M. Moar's Farmers' Supply Stores in Stromness.
ID: 1976.053.15
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Poster - Stromness Dramatic Society - the Hall, St. Margaret's Hope' The Colleen Bawn', 25th March 1898.
ID: 1976.053.16
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Two documents, Stromness Veto Poll (Temperance) 1947 - supporting repeal.
ID: 1976.053.17
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One hymnal 'Psalmo and Hymnus for Soldiers in the Field', 1915.
ID: 1976.054
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One pocket 'Gospel of St John', 'Active service' 1914-15.
ID: 1976.055