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Two whalers' flensing knives.

ID: 1974.010
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Wooden boatbuilder's clamp ('teengs').
ID: 1974.011

Part of sawfish.

ID: 1974.012
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Cured skin of Alex Young's sea faring pet mongoose.
ID: 1974.013
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Old stone weight with iron ring.
ID: 1974.014
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Two shallow brass tanks (circular, covered) from salvaged German warship G89.
ID: 1974.015

Metal stencil for lobster box.

ID: 1974.016
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Folding wooden bootjack.
ID: 1974.017
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Albatros bones.
ID: 1974.018
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Plans (unadopted) for a pier at Stromness.
ID: 1974.019