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Photocopy of 'Fishery Notes' - John Fiddler, Stronsay.
ID: 1976.025
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Sillock hooks.
ID: 1976.026

Rigging blocks. Wood and metal.

ID: 1976.027
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Book '28 Views of Stromness and Neighbourhood'. Photographs. red and Gold binding, frayed. End pages missing.
ID: 1976.028
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Account book of Messrs. Baikie, boatbuilders in 2 South End, Stromness. From 18th Janauary 1871 to 10th December 1910.
ID: 1976.029
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Manuscript book, plain tattered soft cover, decorated title page 'Thomas Baikie's book, Stromness, Orkney, 1851'.
ID: 1976.030
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Wicker basket for storing herring. It was then used as a basket for storing long line fishing lines. They would be fed out of the basket as the boat went along.
ID: 1976.031
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Chart of the Orkney Islands, c. 1913, from survey by commanders G. Thomas and A. B. Becher and lieutenant F. W. L. Thomas, R. N., 1850. Wooden Pole.
ID: 1976.032
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Chart, 'Scotland, East Coast, sheet V, Dunbeath Harbour to Thurso Bay including the Pentland Firth'. Srveyed by Commanders Slaters and Otter, 1850 - Magnetic variation in 1917.
ID: 1976.033
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Colour printed whisky advert, glazed cardboard with the inscription: Established half a century\ Stromness, Orkney\ Pure malt\ WHISKY\ Macpherson Brothers\ Distillers\ [printed by]\ John Averyand Co.,
ID: 1976.034